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Market: (Upstream, Downstream, Marine)

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Home: We do door-to-door delivery of diesel (AGO) & Kerosene (DPK) to residences within Lagos and its outskit for domestic use.

Small/Medium Scale Business & offices: Energy is an essential part of any business, for this reason we see it as our duty as a company to provide various petroleum products like Diesel (AGO), Fuel oil (LPFO / HPFO), Kerosene (DPK), Petrol (PMS) and various oil to these businesses to use either as raw materials or as a source of energy. Bank, Hotel, Filling Station, Communication Company and other Corporate Firms also enjoy our serive in this category to give them a stress free continous supply of energy products to keep there business offices and complexes running with diesel and their fleets of cars running with petroleum

Companies/Industries/ Government: For these group, we offer the import / export of petroleum products like AGO, PMS, LPFO, DPK, and base oil. and coastal / offshore delivery of petroleum product either to offshore rigs or to vessels and trawlers.

Marine: Our ship to ship (STS) transfer operation involving seagoing ship poositioned alongside each other while stationary or underway has been adjudged one of the best we transfer cargoes like crude oil, liquefied natural and petroleum gas, bulk cargo & other petroleum product we provide vessel management and brokerage of major oil company approved vessel and large mother vessels. We also provide services to individual and commercial customers. Our expert staff have the capacity to handle any petroleum tanker or marine operation to load, store and transport petroleum product.